OpenLab – Intro


Welcome to Project OpenLab! OpenLab is our invitation to you to apply to join our freelance creative team. We’re opening up this opportunity to anyone, anywhere on Planet Earth, to come and join us on Planet Sound. We created OpenLab for you, in response to all the phone calls and emails we get from you every day, as well as all the queries and feedback we’ve had from previous inhouse team roles we’ve advertised. You inspired us to do this. So we hope that now we can inspire you. We made OpenLab for all the sonic explorers, bedroom sound designers, producers, and budding creative geniuses who have been working independently and relentlessly to perfect your craft, but haven’t yet been able to find the right way to progress with it in a professional and commercial sphere.

If you’re successful, you’ll have regular paid work from us, and you’ll work on projects which will really push you to explore and improve your creative skills. Places are limited, and it’s important that we find the right people. We want to bring on board those of you who can really create, and want to find a home which inspires you and pushes you to evolve your creativity through working with our team. You know who you are, and we think you’ll select yourself, because you’re talented, driven, you’re determined to join us, and you’ll take this opportunity to shape your own future, working with us.

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